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Micro 8 is a system designed specifically for the hourly measurement of billiard tables, snooker, carambola and more. games where the player pays for the time they play (table tennis, darts, board games, internet, solarium, sauna, air hockey, yacht rental).
Easy to use. It has a solid keypad for each billiard table and small function keys for easy and fast use.
 It is suitable for 8 billiard tables. The low price of the Micro 8 also makes it suitable for two billiard tables. It can be programmed in BGN with two hourly rates (for example, day and night). Programming can only be done with a key, which is not required to check the amount won. There is an internal battery and information is stored even when removed. 220V, 50Hz, 30mA.
Dimensions & Weight: Length: 21.3, Width: 12.3, 5.6 Depth, 750g
Micro 8 has two connectors. They can be installed up to a maximum distance of 100 m.
Weight0.750 kg

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