Billiard table “Columbia” 8 ft., 9 ft.

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The Columbia billiard table is made of solid wood with carved legs, leather pockets and a three-piece (Ardesia) counter. The table top is certified by the European Billiards Federation EPBF (See technical information). Columbia is in the professional pool table.
Weight: 450 kg

Detailed description:
Available colors of fabric are: green, red or blue, and its type: slow, semi-slow or fast. The price of the Columbia billiard table also includes a full range of accessories: 2 billiard sticks, a set of balls, a triangle, tips and chalk.
The price includes installation. We offer good rates for transportation throughout the country.
Contact us and we will help you choose the size of your pool table according to the space available.

Dimensions / cm:
252 x 142 cm 290 x 165 cm
Dimensions / Feet:
8 ft. 9 ft. + € 130.00
Size of the playing field:
241 x 130 cm 263.7 x 136 cm

The price does not include shipping

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