Shaft Predator Z-3

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The 3rd generation Predator shaft. Material resistance, wood density. Starting with the production of Vantage and now the 314-3 and Z-3, the Predator launches the most dynamic shafts to date.

V-Tek Technology:
V-Tek Construction
V-Tek Fiber Type Silencing
iMatch 10-Piece splice construction
Conical-Hybrid Taper
Pastory Victory (8 straturi)

This technology has completely changed the way energy is transmitted and received.
iMatch is a process in which every wooden part that is used is hand-picked, dried and tested.
Diameter: 0.50 ″ (12.75mm)
Model: Pro
Ferrule Length: 0.50 ″ (12.80mm)
Joint: Multiple
Lozenges: Predator Victory (medium)

Shaft Length: 29 ″
255 $ (All Partials)
305 $ (All Radial & Threaded Joints)
325 $ (All Uni-Loc® Joints)

7 reviews for Shaft “Predator” Z-3

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