Verona Billiard Table 7 ft., 8 ft., 9 ft.


“Verona” billiard tables are made of wood, with leather pockets and a 3-piece top. They are in the category of professional pool tables.
Weight: 450 kg

Detailed description:
You can choose the color of the fabric (green, red or blue) and its type (fast, semi-slow, slow). The price of the Verona billiard table also includes 2 billiard sticks, a set of balls, tips and chalk. The price includes installation. We offer good rates for transportation throughout the country.

Dimensions / Feet:
7 ft. 8ft. 9ft.
Size of the playing field:
216 x 117 cm 241 x 130 cm 263,7 x 136 cm
Dimensions / cm: 228 x 129 cm 252 x 142 cm 290 x 165 cm
7 feet + 60.00 BGN
8 feet + $ 78.00

The price does not include shipping


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